One of my favorite topics, SENSORY! I commonly tell parents my little spiel about sensory processing. I like to think of our sensory systems as a cars in our brain. As we process our sensory information our “cars” drive that information to the right place to create motor plans and memories. When our sensory system … Continue reading SENSORYYYY!

3-6 month activities

This stage is so fun! There is SO much development happening during this stage. They start engaging more with people and their environment as they become more aware. There are some big milestones happening during this stage… ROLLING is one of them. Below I am going over different activities to do with your little one … Continue reading 3-6 month activities

0-3 activities

I wanted to talk more about different activities you can do with your 0-3 month old! Babies may not seem like they are doing too much at this stage but they are developing SO much everyday! Here are some different activities you can do with your baby: Use a bobby pillow and lay them on … Continue reading 0-3 activities

Sensory. Bins.

What is a sensory bin?  Sensory bins are a fun way to explore the senses and incorporate tactile exploration. They are typically a large bin filled with different types of wet or dry materials that vary in texture. In the bins with the wet or dry materials you can hide some preferred items or toys. … Continue reading Sensory. Bins.

Let’s Talk Feeding

Does your child: Eat the same foods every day? Refuses to try or touch new foods? Gag at the sight or smell of food? Refuse to watch you eat? Have difficulty with chewing or swallowing? Avoid certain textures? Have meltdowns at mealtime? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, YOU ARE … Continue reading Let’s Talk Feeding

What is OT?

What is OT? Why did my pediatrician recommend it? OT stands for Occupational Therapy. “Occupation” meaning that everything we do throughout the day is an occupation. People will commonly mistake OT for helping people get jobs. Which, isn’t entirely wrong, we certainly can help people get jobs. Examples of occupations are brushing our hair, washing … Continue reading What is OT?

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